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theITSupportCenter, LLC Lead Developer in C# with Senior Management growth opportunity
Philadelphia, PA Featured
Intelliwave Technologies Senior Software Developer
c#,cache,.net,ui,powerpoint,jira,html5,css,cloud,api,java,web development,continuous integration,application development
Leduc, AB 8 days
Hydraulx Senior Lighting Artist
python,linux,communication skills
Vancouver, BC 8 days
Sandman Hotel Group Full-Stack Javascript Engineer
java,node.js,css3,api,analytics,java ee
Vancouver, BC 8 days
D-Wave Systems Inc. QA Engineer
python,devops,c,selenium,qa,cloud,web services,user interface,quality assurance,product management
Burnaby, BC 8 days
Prevue HR Systems Inc. Software Developer
c#,sql,azure,aws,.net,mysql,php,nginx,mvc,cloud,sql server,web services,visual studio,design patterns,communication skills,amazon web services
Vancouver, BC 8 days
Mr. X Rigging Supervisor
python,c++,api,project management,communication skills
Toronto, ON 8 days
Ground Effects Ltd. Business Systems Analyst
java,c++,c#,sql,mysql,php,css,,sql server,visual studio,interpersonal skills
Windsor, ON 8 days
FreshBooks Data Analyst, Digital Acquisition
python,tableau,sql,forecasting,dashboards,analytics,web analytics,google analytics,business intelligence
Toronto, ON 8 days
Datavail MySQL DBA and MongoDB Professional
mongodb,sql,azure,aws,oracle,mysql,ubuntu,mariadb,linux,cloud,centos,bash,24x7,sql server,data modeling,communication skills
Phoenix, AZ 8 days

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