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SWITCHR AS Senior Backend Developer
postgresql,leadership skills
Stockholm, Sweden Featured
Southern Poverty Law Center Junior Data Analyst
python,mongodb,tableau,sql,statistical analysis,data governance,communication skills
Montgomery, AL 1 day
Optimal GEO Geospatial Technical Lead
python,java,c#,sql,autocad,arcgis,gis,visual basic,relational database
Athens, AL 1 day
Dynetics Georgia Tech - Fall Recruiting 2019
sql,data analysis,application development
Huntsville, AL 1 day
hive,spark,r,python,java,j2ee,c#,tableau,sql,etl,unix,qa,github,cloud,analytics,agile,spark sql,open source,machine learning,deep learning,continuous integration,big data
Phoenix, AZ 1 day
Cruise Product Operations Manager - Data
python,bigquery,tableau,sql,dashboards,business intelligence
Phoenix, AZ 1 day
Acronis Sales Engineer
c,sql,sharepoint,oracle,vmware,virtualization,linux,project management,product management,presentation skills
Tempe, AZ 1 day Sr. Data Analyst (2 Positions Available)
tableau,dashboards,budgeting,analytics,statistical analysis,machine learning,data analysis,business intelligence,analytical skills
Tempe, AZ 1 day
Slalom Consulting Tableau Developer
python,tableau,sql,visualization,dashboards,data visualization,business intelligence,analytics
Phoenix, AZ 1 day
Learning Without Tears Software Engineer
nosql,scrum,kanban,jenkins,html5,git,agile,user experience,interpersonal skills,frameworks,continuous integration,communication skills
Phoenix, AZ 1 day

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